Summative Entry

Going back to the very first entry I wrote, my first blog was a reflection on what I learnt in the first week of Australian literature. The main point of week one was to highlight the fact that nature has the power to have a direct impact on humanity, and authors like David Malouf, Judith Wright, and Marcus Clarke emphasise this in their texts. So in relation to Australian literature, I learnt about how these authors developed appreciation for the Australian landscape, in contrast to how the utilitarians described the landscape.

In week two, we looked into indigenous authors and the traumatic experiences they had to go through as a result of the utilitarians invading their land. The poem, A Letter To My Mother, written by Eva Johnson, evokes the hardships Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders had to experience due to their families being forcibly separated by the utilitarians. I also gained a better understanding of indigenous culture through studying Errol West’s poem, There is no one to teach me the songs that bring the Moon Bird. This poem effectively connotes the deep spirituality and the metaphysical connection indigenous Australians have towards Australian nature and is explored in depth in my second entry (

Moving on to my third blog, I would have to call it my best creative entry. The whole point of it was to highlight the negative impacts of our ecological footprint and to encourage the reader to make kinder choices because we need nature in order to survive, and that it’s not the other way around. After reading That Deadman Dance and other insightful texts, I was inspired by the idea of unity, and was reminded by Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley’s performance, Lost Voices, as they advocate for eliminating social division in society based on ethnicity, nationality or skin colour, thus achieving unity. To view my third blog, click this link:

Furthermore, the excursion to the Art Gallery of New South Wales showed me how ideas in literature were expressed in paintings, and how an author could be inspired by a poem to create a particular artwork. I think my best critical entry would have to be the one based on my visit to the art gallery, as I analyse various kinds of artworks. To view my best critical entry, click this link:

My fifth blog was all about values expressed in Henry Kendall and Charles Harpur’s poetry. Similarly to David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter, their poetry highlights the fact that nature gives clarity to their thoughts, inspiration and passion in life. Additionally, studying these poems raises the question as to whether paintings are more expressive than poetry, as people argue that poetry not only paints a picture through imagery, but also explores in depth into what the poet is trying to say.

Another important insight I gained from studying art and literature in this unit is recognising the importance of feminism, and how poets like Ada Cambridge advocated for women’s rights in her texts. I also learnt that the works of poets such as Ada Cambridge and Mary Gilmore prompted those in power to establish equality. To view my insights in feminism, click this link:

Studying John Shaw Neilson’s poem, The Orange Tree in week seven, made me admire how Neilson encourages the reader to not lose their innocence and enthusiasm when they grow up. His utilisation of metaphors effectively illustrates how humans perceive things at different stages in our life, which is also admirable.

Finally, my last blog is in the form of a letter to Patrick White about his philosophy of subverting the status quo in society, as well as finding truth and meaning to life instead of aspiring to gain materialistic possessions, because these things don’t hold much value. I also consider this blog to be one of my best creative entries, as I analyse other author’s texts that contain similar ideas like John Green’s famous novel, The Fault In Our Stars. To view my eighth blog, click this link:

All in all, I have to thank my lecturer (and tutor), Michael Griffith, because every week of this unit has been very enlightening and has allowed me to ask probing questions that helped me expand my thoughts on numerous topics in my blogs and peer reviews.