Peer Reviews

Peer Review 8

I really like this entry Annie! I like how you’ve added a bit of humour to your description of your grandma. You’ve definitely shown how you see the extraordinary within the ordinary in people. You provide a good balanced exploration of looking inwards and outwards of the person you are talking about, which is great. The only thing I would do to improve this entry is to remove the word, “Yeah” in the first sentence of your last paragraph so that it doesn’t sound too colloquial.


Peer Review 7

Hi Caitlin,

This is a really detailed entry, as it thoroughly explains your understanding of Julian Rosefeldt’s, ‘Manifesto’. You have provided some insightful information about the intent of Rosefeldt’s work, which is invaluable. I completely agree with most of the ideas you were conveying in your entry. Keep up the great work!


Peer Review 6

Lovely entry Natasha! You’ve clearly provided some insightful facts about T.S Eliot’s close friendship with Ezra Pound and their significance in modernist literature. The only thing I would suggest to improve this entry is to be a bit more specific in some of the ideas you’re trying to convey, for instance when you say: “heavily influenced Modernist writing”, are you trying to say that they challenged the traditional ways of writing and therefore influenced other writers to do the same thing? Overall, this is an enlightening entry. Well done! 🙂


Peer Review 5

Hi Daniel,

This is a well-written entry about Gogh’s painting, as you thoroughly express how the painting affected you personally, as well as your detailed critical analysis of the painting. Your strong understanding of the context behind the artwork also makes your entry very interesting. However, as I am peer reviewing your blog entry, not your peer review, I notice that you’ve put your peer review in the same post as your blog entry when you’re actually meant to separate them into different posts and categories. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic blog entry so keep up the great work!


Peer Review 4

Hi Annabelle,

This is a wonderful entry! You’ve thoroughly explained your personal experiences and effectively connected it to Kat and Paul’s relationship. Also, your personal expression and utilisation of descriptive language engaged me as a reader, in particular, your description of the nature of the ocean in the last paragraph of your entry and its connection to how people bond is very interesting. Keep up the great work!


Peer Review 3

This is quite a unique and interesting entry Courtney! I love how you’ve incorporated your own ideas and understanding of Baumer’s overall message in the book, especially near the end of your entry when you state: “Life. Breath. Acknowledgment of that”. In order to improve this entry I would be a bit more careful with the sentence structure of this conversation and not refer to his name constantly. Also, I’m not quite sure I understand the purpose of your first line, so some of your ideas need further clarification. Although I must say that writing a conversation is much harder than writing a letter, so keep up the great work! 🙂


Peer Review 2

Great poem Tabitha! I love your use of alliteration and descriptive language, as it builds visual imagery, which makes it much more enjoyable for the reader. However, I would’ve liked to see you expand your ideas a bit more and therefore extend the length of the poem. Overall, keep up the good work!


Peer Review 1

Hi Anne-Marie,

I just want to start off by saying that your poem is sublime! I love the techniques you’ve used, and the music of Igor Stravinsky definitely enhances the presentation of your video. Overall, this is a fantastic creative entry, keep up the great work!