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I consider this blog to be my best creative entry as I write about significant issues that are relevant to this unit.

Blog 3

By reading more of David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter, I’ve noticed one of the key points he tries to address and wants the reader to think about, is the fact that humans have made a major contribution to the destruction of the land we live on. This may be through pollution, excessive animal agriculture, plastic waste, removal of trees in order to build unnecessary infrastructure for commercial gains. Our ecological footprint not only has an impact on the land and oceans but also on native wildlife and other endangered species. This recurring theme expressed in Australian literature and other forms of art reminded me of an insightful short film I watched a few months ago. The short film is about the importance of taking care of the planet. Furthermore, it highlights the fact that humans depend on the planet in order to survive and it is not the other way around; therefore we need to appreciate the world around us by making kinder choices such as limiting how much plastic we use. Limiting the amount of dairy and meat consumption is also important, as animal agriculture is not only responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions, it’s the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, habitat destruction and water pollution; additionally, 136 million rainforest acres have been destroyed all for animal agriculture.

Through studying Australian literature, I’ve thought about how humanity focuses on aspects of life that don’t actually contribute to the common good or environmental sustainability, thus creating division between communities and destruction to native animals and the land.

The original inhabitants of Australia appreciated nature more than the Europeans, causing a war between the two cultures. Wars between communities not only have severe impacts on the welfare of others and the environment, but also increase the amount of social division within communities all over the world, thereby making it difficult to establish a sense unity within countries. These ideas are expressed through many forms of literature including poetry, which reminded me of a video that advocates the aforementioned ideas. The video is about the impact of discrimination and the importance of establishing unity within communities regardless of your nationality, ethnicity and skin colour.


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