CREATIVE: Write a letter to Mr Gradgrind telling him what you think about the way he treated his own daughter, particularly with reference to the marriage arrangements he has created.

Dear Mr Gradgrind,

It has come to my concern that you are encouraging your daughter to marry someone she does not love, and you are encouraging her to marry for materialistic reasons. You have completely misunderstood what a real relationship and marriage should be like. Real relationships manifests through love, comfort and trust which create a deep connection between two people. You cannot call it a marriage when you are arranging it out of a desire to gain wealth or status. Your twisted belief that one cannot be emotional and passionate in life is making you lust after meaningless things in life, and now you are unfairly controlling your daughter to do the same. Mr Gradgrind, I urge you to rethink your morals, values and decisions that will have detrimental affects to Louisa’s life. You have lost the essence of what it means to be human and what marriage was intended for.

Furthermore, I have to make a point and say that even though Sissy Jupe is your servant, it is you and your daughter who I feel sorry for, because she was raised in a much more carefree environment and consequently has much more imagination, compassion, and freedom than you. Again, please consider rethinking your thoughts and actions, and free Louisa.