After studying the works of Wole Soyinka and M. Nourbese Philip, I was inspired to write another free verse poem. I’ve learnt about the history of indigenous inhabitants in many countries in the world who were oppressed and weren’t allowed to speak their own language, creating disconnection and isolation, as they were forcibly taken out of their homes and separated from their families. This poem is also for the immigrants that had to flee from their invaded homes because of illogical and destructive wars, and were treated with racism and discrimination in the foreign country they tried to settle in.


Where is my home?

I am neither here, nor there.

Caught between two tongues

I do not know where I belong, for my culture and identity has been stolen by the removal of my mother tongue.

The only way I can connect is through language, but if I do not know how to speak my mother tongue anymore, I cannot reconnect.

I do not feel at home.