During my visit to the Art Gallery of New South Wales I learnt a lot about the different kinds of art movements. One of the most progressive and interesting movements I learnt about was modernism. I noticed that many modernist painters focused on revealing humanity at its core. Two artists that really engaged me in their works were Lucian Freud and Vincent van Gogh.

Lucian Freud, grandson of the famous revolutionary Psychologist, Sigmund Freud, was interested in exposing how people are and was also fascinated by the physical truth of bodies, which is why most of his paintings are of people sleeping. When people are asleep, they are themselves. This is evident in his painting, Susie.


Similarly, Vincent van Gogh’s painting, Head of a peasant, effectively depicts the expressions of the person in his painting.


Like Lucian Freud, Gogh was interested in portraying the soul and the energy of a person, regardless of their social status in his works, as he considered everyone to be equal. This probably explains why he decided to focus on conveying the emotions of a peasant rather than someone with a higher social status, which also allows the viewer to sympathise with the painting.


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