Peer Review 3

Hi, Paul!

I just want to start off by saying that your blog entry is very descriptive, which is good. I totally agree with the point that you are trying to make about the importance of connecting to nature, and how Indigenous Australians have a metaphysical connection to Australian land, in contrast with the European settlers. Also, it’s great that you’ve included how the study of Australian literature has personally impacted you.

As I am peer reviewing your blog entry, not your peer review, I notice that you’ve put your peer review in the same post as your blog entry when you’re actually meant to separate them into different posts and categories. Furthermore, remember to use capital letters when needed in your blog entry, such as “I believe” instead of “i believe” or “i think”. I would also rephrase this sentence: “I think, although we generally acknowledge our environment as good and healthy, we don’t go beyond this acknowledgement, and do not truly appreciate how picturesque a simple line of trees or bushes can be” and say something like: “Some people don’t look into nature as deeply compared to Indigenous Australians; I think we need to become more appreciative of nature and not overlook the beauty of a simple tree or bush.” Overall, keep up the good work!