Peer Review 2

Hi Annaliese,

This is a great entry, as you start off with an engaging introduction and have analysed the insightful poem, Urbanised Reebocks. You’ve also provided your own discoveries of the many contrasting interpretations one can have about a poem because it is all about perspective and experiences that can shape our understanding of texts or art works. Although I would suggest proof reading some of the sentences you wrote, to check for any spelling and grammatical errors, such as this sentence, “when she proclaims “I lose myself amongst the spirit of life..”, I faintly recognized her attachment to land and but I realized without it, it drowns who she is out.” It’s actually spelt ‘recognised’ and ‘realised’ in Australia and Britain, which is different from the way Americans spell it. The use of “and but” doesn’t make sense, this seems to be a typo so I would just remove the ‘but I’ and say ‘and realised that etc’ instead. I would also change “it drowns who she is out” to “it drowns out who she is” or “her connection to the land is a part of who she is”. Overall, keep up the fantastic work!